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מאת: Mika Gill

פורסם: 22-11-2003
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I met Adam as an over enthusiastic and Israeli Buffy fan. With the good help of one, Ms. Bojarsky, I managed to locate web sites that post performance schedules for Buffy related actors, whether in Sci-Fi cons or with their own bands. As it turns out, it is not that rare for Buffy actors to play in bands. Since Adam’s band, “Common Rotation”, was schedule to perform in a nice place in Bleaker St. I decided to go there. Come Thursday night I headed down to Soho, New York, charged with my endless enthusiasm. I knew nothing about the band or it’s music, but that didn’t really matter to me. My mind was set

To my great surprise, it turns out their music actually rocks. What do you know, I ended up buying their latest CD, “The Big Fear”, and it had quickly found it’s way to the top of my favorite CD’s pile

Adam is one full-of-energy-and-humor guy, as you are soon to realize. Here are the questions I just had to find the answers to, and his witty comebacks

And a big, big 'Thank you' (and a kiss) to Matt busch, Adam’s charming manager and older brother

You've been an actor for many years now. Were you nervous when you first landed the role of Warren? After all, by then Buffy had become a hit TV show

I really wasn't aware of the Buffy's cult following when I joined on. It wasn't until people started coming up to me asking me questions before my first episode even aired that I started to realize that these fans are pretty connected. Not to the mob, Just to other TV people

Buffy is a show that's based on fantasy and all the other villains were in fact demonic much. Warren was the only human among them. Was it hard for you, being the nice guy that you are, to play the only corrupted human being on the show?a

I found it surprisingly easy

The show's writers admitted they have based the Trio characters on themselves. How weird is it to play someone you actually know, who's on the set, watching you?a

I originally based warren on a description of Joss I had read in an interview. The description ended up not being very accurate in terms of what Joss is like but if I could ever find it again, it's would be a dead on warren now

You are a talented professional singer. How did you feel when you heard there's gonna be a Buffy musical, and you're not gonna be in it?a

They had started work on that before I was even on the show so I never expected to be in it.
However Danny (Strong), Tom (Lenk) and I petitioned hard to be an evil nerd boy band. With music so bad the town fell under our spell. We got about six or seven names. Two of which weren't family members

You are the furthest thing from a nerd; You're the lead singer in a band, Your entire high school show up whenever you guys play near home. Did that make even harder to play, or the other way around? Some people say it's easier when you can't relate.a

I prefer when I can see the audience, Get a sense of who is out there and what the reaction is. When you look out and all you see is a big faceless crowd, that's when my knees start knockin'a

How did you (and who) come up with the namea"Common Rotation"?a

It's a reference to the first song Eric had written

Is it the same name you always had, or did the name also "rotate” throughout the years?a

We've had other names over the years: "the shitbox orchestra", "the lame-o's", "the ken beck experience", etc

Do you play any instruments? And if so (as I suspect you do), why don't you play them on stage?a

I play most instruments. I just don't play them well

Do you sometimes feel like you have two different personas, like for on and off stage?a

Offstage I'm much humbler. Life is harder without a microphone

Who do you like better, on stage or off stage Adam?a

I prefer Bathroom Adam best

Your band has it's own Pop Folk unique style to it. Where did it come from?a

It came from New York

This is exactly the point where On-stage Adam starts to show up. It’s very hard to tell when is he serious and when he’s just joking around. Then again, you never know...a

Who writes most of your material?a

A boy we keep locked up in Eric's basement. We feed him alcohol and chicken and only let him read religious propaganda and Bukowski. Makes for good pop songs. Makes for great love songs

When on stage, you tend to be so energetic and humorous. At times you almost sound like a stand up comedian. Where do you come up with all that energy and jokes?a

It's just nervous energy. If I don't stop moving, they can't throw things at me

What's your favorite song in "The Big Fear" and why?a

I like the way "Fortunate" came out. Closest to the way I had heard it in my head. I like that one a lot. It's one I can play for my folks

Which song do you most enjoy performing on stage, and why?a

This new tune called, "It's always more then once before it takes". the longer the title the better the song, I've found

What does your nickname Pippin stand for?a

It's a reference to a character I played in a play in junior high school. It's not because I play basketball well. Just the play

What is your favorite off-stage activity?a

Sleeping and ski-ball

What are your favorite perks at your, humm..., line of work?a

Online interviews

What's your dream role?a

To play a narcoleptic

Well, that just figures for a guy who’s main hobby is to sleep. I told you he is a funny guy, this guy, didn’t I?a

You are both an actor and a singer. If for some reason you could only pursue one of the too, which would it be?a

I'd be a cowboy. Or I'd work on a Kibbutz. If I really had my way I'd be a cowboy on a Kibbutz

This is the place to state that whether joking or not, Adam seems to really know a thing or two about Israelis/Jewish people. When I said “Goodbye” he replied with a surprising “Shalom” and as you can clearly see, he spices up his answers with some Israeli humor. You just wait, it’s only gonna get better.a

Which is harder, shooting a TV show, or performing live as a singer in a band?a

Neither one is as hard as waiting tables

I heard people say that an actor must never question his characters’ motives (the big "Objective"). How did you manage to do that with Warren?a

I question everything. Then I give up and move on

Spoiler warning for season 7

You have pointed playing Willow on season 7th's episode "The Killer in me", as the most challenging moment in the role of Warren. As an actor, what were your most challenging role and scene?a

We shot the close of that episode at 5am on a Friday when we'd all been given the script at about 10pm the night before. It was rough. We weren't exactly sure how we were going about this and it was difficult doing the dramatic conclusion first

The show's over, Warren even died at the end of last season. On one hand, life goes on. On the other, you keep attending Buffy Conventions, and being recognized as Warren. How does it feel?a

It feels kind of moist

Among the cast members you've worked with on mutual scenes, who was the biggest inspiration, if any? Who did you most enjoy working with?a

Jeff Kober ("rack"). He was my favorite to work with. He never did a take the same way and carries such a presence with him. He's intimidating, funny and completely messed up. I like that guy

Are there any cast members you would have loved to work with (on the show) and just didn't have the chance? (And please don't just say stuff like "I would have loved to have had a love scene with Charisma / Juliet / Sarah")a

Tara (Amber Benson) and warren should have gotten to bond a little

The show's fan base think of Joss Whedon as a God. What do you think of that?a

I think if god were a human living among us, he would definitely be working on sci-fi television. He'd appreciate the irony in that

Does it move you to know you have a rather small but very loyal fan base in a small, far away country like Israel?a

I grew up learning and dreaming about Israel. It always felt like a home I'd never been to, if that makes sense. I long to go there and believe a very important part of my destiny is waiting for me over there. I'll realize that dream soon

Go figure. Is he kidding all the way or is there a little bit of truth in those words? I swear to god I have no idea whatsoever

Is there anything in particular you want to say to that Small but loyal fan base?a

Stay safe for the love of god

Last but not least... How's Sarah, really? Is she the bitch everyone's been talking about for the past year, or the sweetheart we've heard of for the prior six years?a

Sarah's very, very professional

That concludes our little "Question & Answer" part and leave me free to discuss what really matters to you guys, assuming for some reason, you live in Israel but prefer reading English. How does it feel to stand so close to Adam, watch him on stage or just have a common, every-day-kind-of small talk with him. Wow. As I said before, when Adam's on stage, he has the most hypnotizing presence. And if you don't believe me, you might wanna take my friend Liza's word for it. "He's the lead singer?" she asked, "Ooh, that's a turn on!"a

When the show was over, I found my way backstage. I felt a little like one of those "Bandage" (or was it "band aids"?) girls from "Almost Famous", squeezing in with all the other groupies. My knees were knocking, and I knew I was bound to mess up. Sure enough, I was right.a

Five minutes into meeting Adam, and I already felt like I'm twelve years old or something. He on the other hand, was the perfect pro. Casual, relaxed, talkative. Giving me the best feeling in the world. "So, you're from Israel?" he says, and I nod my head vigorously, thinking "Oh my god, oh my god! It's Warren, and he is so close I could touch him!" but somehow, I managed to resist the temptation.a

I told him all about the Israeli Buffy's Star Convention fantasy, and he said he would gladly consider this option, if it may come true. Then I could tell he's tired and wants to be left alone. Rest a while from all those crazy fans, from the show. "Well then, thank you." I said quietly and headed for the door, but he gave me a heart warming hug, and thanked me for coming.a

Afterwards, it all became sort of a blur fantasy. Somehow I've found my self in the direction of the Bar the band went after the show, ran into Matt, and had a very interesting conversation. When the evening ended, I asked for Matt's help in arranging this interview, he promised to do his best. And "best" sure enough qualifies Matt Busch, for though Adam is no doubt the nicest guy in Show-biz, his older brother doesn't fall far. It was he who kept close touch with me regarding this interview, smoothening all the details, so both me and Adam would like the result.a